Made from a pleated fabric, these blinds pull up to sit flat at the top of a window, to hide from sight when open. Honeycomb pleated blinds are made up of two or more layers joined at the pleats to form ‘cellular’ compartments that trap air, providing insulation. Honeycomb pleated blinds are regarded as the highest energy-efficient and sound-absorbent of any window blind.

The ability to furnish awkward or difficult window shapes makes pleated blinds a popular choice in conservatories to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. We offer sloping, horizontal and vertically hanging options.

The easily operated light weight construction enables pleated blinds to be fixed close to the glazing within the bars for maximum heat control. When opened the minimum stacking area allows maximum visibility.

Pleated blinds combine the key elements of flexibility, design and performance that sets them apart from other blinds.

We offer a range of highly energy efficient fabrics to complement your interior design and to enhance the benefits of your windows or conservatory.

Measuring and Installation

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Our Brands

We are proud to stock Pleated Blinds by LuxaflexSlientGlissLouvoliteDuetteDecoraSomfyHunter DouglasLieneschEclipse

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